Anonymous asked: how did you meet him? :) Story time!!!

Go off anonymous first! :)

Anonymous asked: hello you look so happy with your new boyfie! so cute together! <3

Thank you!!! Happy indeed, very much so. :) Please go off anon so we could all hang!


Also, a couple that Gary V’s together stays together. #ARISEgaryv

Anonymous asked: Hi hello, Ate! I just took the TDT awhile ago and I'm really nervous for the results (I took VisCom)! I'm confident about the 2nd test but for the 1st test, I messed up a whole lot dsdfsdf visualizing the objects I chose was pretty difficult for me, I hope they would still take me though :'( Not sure why I'm telling you this but I thought letting it out to you would ease me a little. Thank you for the tips btw, I applied most of them <3

No problem! And hey relax, we all felt that way. :) What matters is you tried your best. Now all you gotta do is wait. Good luck!!! Although I am very sure you nailed it! Hope to see you in FA! Then we’ll have a siomai party

Anonymous asked: Makikiuso po sa tdt-related questions hehe. Ano po yung medium na ginamit mo nung time mo? thnks

Grabe naman to kung maka-“time mo”, parang unang panahon lang eh. Haha mga 2011 lang naman!

To answer your question, any medium was allowed except oil (not sure about acrylic) paint. I don’t remember exactly so you might want to call FA for this. I used pencils and colored pencils though.

Anonymous asked: Grabe ate i never thought you'd answer me in so much details. Thank you so much!! Bait mo talaga!!! I hope to pass the tdt and meet you in person <3 <3 <3

No worries! Yes yes yes I hope to see you in FA next semester. Good luck! Trust your talent and never stop practicing! Also, feel free to go off anon so I could thank you properly. :)

Anonymous asked: Music is my Aeroplane, it's my Aeroplane :)

I like pleasure spiked with pain

For the person who asked about how to render statues, here you go! We have a replica of this Apollo statue in FA, although its penis has chipped off. How? I don’t know.

Do look up more tutorials online and experiment with shading techniques such as cross-hatching and smudging. Make it a point to let your details pop out by defining your lines and emphasizing contrast.   

I hope it helps. Good luck on the TDT!

Anonymous asked: Ate Christa i just wanna ask something about your tdt. How did you start drawing the statue? Did you draw guidelines first like stick figures/stick man/mannequin before laying in the details or diretso na sa details like yung draperies bago pumunta sa iba pang part ng katawan niya? I hope i made sense medyo mahirap po iexplain hehe

Posted a quick tutorial for you here. :)

Anonymous asked: Hello po :) medyo nalilito na 'ko sa tunay na sched ng TDT, alam nyo po ba kung kailan? thank you po ate long live! :)

Posted the announcements here! But to be sure, I suggest giving UPCFA a call. :)


Victims of sexual harassment often find difficulty in disclosing their traumas for the reason that they are ashamed and may even feel to blame for what had happened. Withholding such emotions can be harmful on a victim’s cognitive, behavioural and physical well-being not only because of the baggage it entails but more so because it hinders them from conquering the trauma. Before one can fully overcome the impact of sexual harassment, he or she must first be able to talk about it or at least be willing. The researcher, therefore, wants to explore Gaussian blur as a means to achieve this avenue of overcoming sexual harassment.

Proposed Creative Output

The researcher intends to provide a visual tool for therapeutic services that would trigger a victim’s initiative to freely talk about the trauma, instead of having to be convinced to do so. It would be in the form of an editorial design with a first-person narrative of a victim of sexual harassment. Gaussian blurring would be applied to the images, with the functions lessening per image as the narrative progresses. Blurry images would be used in order to dampen the vulgarity. Most importantly, the transition from blurriness to clarity would possibly influence the victim’s emotions because he or she would identify with it in terms of going from denial to awareness and finally understanding the situation they are in (semiotics). It would also serve as a metaphor for the process of overcoming the trauma altogether – from initially not being able to talk about it to finally being comfortable with openly discussing it. The researcher does not guarantee a solution to sexual harassment, but will attempt to provide a tool that would improve existing therapies.

Anonymous asked: Hello, Ate! I'd like to ask about the portfolio. Should we bring the original artworks or just photocopied versions? Thanks in advance!

Original would be better! If not, however, at least make sure it is high-res. They’re not going to keep the portfolio anyway. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi ate! I am planning to take TDT with a major in Vis comm. Is it really hard to pass? I am being paranoid by now. Thank you for your answer :)

Hello there! Hopefully these posts would enlighten you. :) It’s definitely not easy but what matters most is how much you truly want it, and how willing you are to work for it. Kaya yan! It’s all about trusting your talent.

This and this

VC101 JF (feat. Juicy Fruit Jim) commercial storyboard

Ukiyo-e self portrait

Ukiyo-e self portrait